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Power Kit Extra upgrade to 860cc - BMW R45 post 1980, R65 Post 1985, R65GS / Siebenrock
1100860,R45 860cc power kit , R65 Monolever 860cc power kit ,R65GS 860cc power kit
Part #: PistonKit0860

The 860cc conversion kit for BMW R45 and R65 models, including all Head Gaskets and Installation Instructions.

The kit contains Nikasil coated cylinders with lighter (150g), spontaneous quiet running pistons. The kit also contains new piston rings, piston pins and stainless steel push rod tubes already installed in the cylinders. The piston shape is specially designed to require no further modifications to the head. All gaskets are included for installation!

The conversion increases horsepower by 20% and a maximum torque of 75Nm at 4200rpm.

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Expert Opinion on Modification and Installation Instructions here.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R45, R65
Model Years: BMW R45 from 08/1980-1984, R65 Monolever (27HP/ 20kW) from 1985 and R65GS (27HP/ 20kW) 1987-1992
Manufacturer #: 1100860 Siebenrock

Brand :
EME Price $1,399.99
BUY NOW $1,199.99
You save $200.00!

Part #: PISTONKIT0860

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