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  • Brakes

    Brake parts and components for BMW Hexhead R1200
  • Cooling

    The Water Cooled Hexheads also known as Wetheads include the R1200GSW, R1200GSW ADV, R1200RTW.
  • Electrical System

    Electrical parts and components for BMW Hexhead R1200
  • Engine & Drivetrain

    BMW R Hexhead Engine Parts including Swing Arm Boots, Magnetic Oil Drain Plug and Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade.
  • Filtration

    Hexhead Air Filters, Fuel Filters , Oil Filters, Fuel Screen, Filtration Kits and Filtration Accessories from Mahle, Mann, EnDuraLast.
  • Frame

    BMW R Hexhead Frame Components including Fork Seals and Handlebar Grips
  • Fuel System

    Hexhead Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Kits, Fuel Pump Controllers, Fuel Level Sensor, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Hose and Fuel Accessories.
  • Steering

    Clutch Lever, Fork Seals, Fork washers, Handlebar Grips, Indicators lens, Steering Head Bearings
  • Wheels

    Wheel Maintenance Service Parts
  • Compounds, Tools & Fasteners

    BMW Tool Kits, Hall Tester, Top Dead Center Pin, Feeler Gauges, Stick Coil Removal Tool, Oil Filter Wrench, Rear Wheel Wrench T50,Puncture Repair.

BMW R Hexhead (Including Camhead & Wethead) Model Years 2005 onwards including: HP2, R nineT, R1200, R900.
The range includes Wetheads Models namely; R1200GSW, R1200GSW ADV, R1200RTW