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  • Brakes

    Brake Parts for BMW Hexhead HP2, R900, R1200, R nineT, R18
  • Cooling

    The Water Cooled Hexheads also known as Wetheads include the R1200GSW, R1200GSW ADV, R1200RTW.
  • Electrical System

    Electrical Parts for BMW Hexhead Models
  • Engine & Drivetrain

    BMW Hexhead Engine Parts including Swing Arm Boots, Magnetic Oil Drain Plug and Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade.
  • Fluids & Filters

    Hexhead Air Filters, Fuel Filters , Oil Filters, Fuel Screen, Filtration Kits and Filtration Accessories from Mahle, Mann, EnDuraLast.
  • Frame

    BMW Hexhead Frame Components including Fork Seals and Handlebar Grips
  • Fuel System

    Hexhead Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Kits, Fuel Pump Controllers, Fuel Level Sensor, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Fuel Hose and Fuel Accessories.
  • Steering

    Clutch Lever, Fork Seals, Fork washers, Handlebar Grips, Indicators lens, Steering Head Bearings
  • Wheels

    Wheel Maintenance Service Parts
  • Compounds, Tools & Fasteners

    BMW Tool Kits, Hall Tester, Top Dead Center Pin, Feeler Gauges, Stick Coil Removal Tool, Oil Filter Wrench, Rear Wheel Wrench T50,Puncture Repair.

BMW Hexhead Model Years 2005 onwards including: HP2, R nineT, R900, R1200, R1250, R18.
The range includes Hexheads (single cam), Camheads (twin cam), ShiftCam and Wethead Models