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  • Compounds

    Heatsink, Threadlocker, Gasket Maker, Copper Anti-Seize, Distributor Cam Grease, Dielectric & No-Ox Grease
  • Crush Washers

    Copper and Aluminum Washers that fit on Oil Drain Plugs, Final Drive Fill, Switches, Brake Lines and Oil Cooler Hoses.
  • Fasteners

    Bolts, Clips, Hose Clamps, Nuts, Screws, Straps, Washers.
  • Tools

    Brake Caliper, Clutch Centering, Feeler Gauges, Oil Filter Wrench, Coil Removal, Tool Kits.

BMW Tool Kits, Hall Tester, Top Dead Center Pin, Feeler Gauges, Stick Coil Removal Tool, Oil Filter Wrench, Rear Wheel Wrench T50,Puncture Repair.