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  • Charging

    S1000R, S1000RR and HP4 Hi Output Stator, Regulator / Rectifier
  • Ignition

    BMW S1000 & HP4 Ignition Stick Coil, NGK Spark Plugs and Stick Coil Removal Tool.
  • Lighting & Horns

    Bulbs, Indicators, Horns
  • Starting

    BMW S1000 & HP4 Starter from BMW and associated Starter Relay.
  • Switches & Sensors

    Relays, Throttle Position Sensor, Wheel Speed Sensors,  Transmission Switch, Kickstand Switch, Temperature Sensors, Brake Light Switch.
  • Wiring

    3 Pin and 4 Pin Plugs, Fuse Wire and 12 & 16 Gauge Colored Wire.