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  • Battery Chargers

    A weak battery is the common cause of many electrical problems - maintain your battery with a smart Battery Charger. CTEK Accessories too!
  • Charging

    BMW S and HP4 Bike Stator, Voltage Regulator and Battery Voltage Monitors.
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CTEK Connector for Chargers, 6mm eyelets, 15.7" cable length CTEK Connector for Chargers, 6mm eyelets, 15.7" cable length

Part # CTEK56-260

EME Price $5.99
Clearance $4.75
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Part # CTEK56-304

EME Price $9.99
Clearance $7.75
CTEK Powerlet Accessory CTEK Powerlet Accessory

Part # CTEK56-263

EME Price $11.99
Clearance $9.50
CTEK, Comfort Indicator Cig Plug Accessory CTEK, Comfort Indicator Cig Plug Accessory

Part # CTEK56-870

EME Price $14.99
Clearance $11.99
BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Safety, Battery, Voltage, Indicator, Maintenance, Charging,Charge, Motorcycle,Battery Monitor',smartphone,remote battery montoring Battery Monitor via Smartphone / JMProducts

Part # BatMonitor

EME Price $37.99
Stator, HP4, S1000R, S1000RR, 12 31 7 718 420,  BMW, Electro Sport, Electrosport, ESG845, 12317718420, 12 31 7 718 422 , 12317718422, HP4 stator, stator s1000, stator S1000R, stator S1000RR, stator HP4, stator bmw S1000R, stator bmw S1000RR, stator bmw HP Stator - Hi Output; BMW HP4 & S1000; 12 31 7 718 420 (Generator) / EnDuraLast

Part # EDL-Stator420

List Price $1,341.74
EME Price $249.00