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  • Brakes

    Brake Fluids, Brake Pads, Brake Rotor Bolts, Pastes.
  • Cooling

    Breather, Radiator Fan, Radiator Cap, Temp Sensor, Thermostat
  • Electrical System

    Charging, Horns, Ignition, Lighting, Starting, Relays, Switches, Sensors.
  • Engine & Drivetrain

    Engine Housing Bolt, Filler Plug Crush Washer, Final Drive Oring, Timing Chain Tensioner, Swing-Arm Bolt & Nut
  • Fluids & Filters

    Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil Filter Wrench and Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer
  • Frame

    Footrest, Roundel, Stand Spring, Timing Chain Tensioner
  • Fuel System

    Additives, Idle Control, Fuel Pump Assembly, Fuel Injector, Injector Clips,Fuel Injector O-Rings, Manifold Clamps
  • Steering

    Axle Seal, Fork Bridge Ball Joint, Fork Bolt, Handlebar Grips, Wheel Bearings
  • Compounds, Tools & Fasteners

    Bolts, Dielectric Grease, Gloves, Nuts, Threadlocker, Various Tools

BMW Scooter. Models: C400GT, C400X, C600 Sport, C650 Evolution, C650 Sport, C650GT,