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Chassis Wire Harness - BMW R Airhead R60, R75, R80 & R100; 61 11 1 243 521 / EnDuraLast
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Part #: Chassis-HAR521

EnDuraLast main chassis wiring harness for BMW
R60/7-R100T, S, 09/77- 09/80 Airhead 2 valve.

Includes detailed wiring diagram with clear identification of each connection to facilitate installation.

See EME Part No: Chassis-HAR093 for wiring harness on later post-1980 models.

See EME Part No:
Chassis-HAR194 for wiring harness on earlier pre-1977 models

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW R Airhead
Make/Model: BMW R60/7, R75/7, R80, R100/7T, /T, & R100S
Model Years: 1977 - 1980
Manufacturer #: 61 11 1 243 521

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab below to verify vehicle fitment)

Manufactured in Germany for Euro MotoElectrics
BMW List Price $638.18
EME Price $295.00
You save $343.18!

Part #: CHASSIS-HAR521

Application Table
The applicable Tail Light Harness is our Part Number: TL-HAR197 , TL-HAR520, TL-HAR873 - please verify your vehicle in the Application Tables of these parts.

Installing Similar Harness (Courtesy Brook Reams)

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