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ATE Brake Pad Anti-Squeal Plastilube Paste; 03 99 0 205 242 / ATE
ATE Brake Cylinder Mounting Paste; 03 99 0 205 242 / ATE
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Part # BrakeLubeATE

ATE Plastilube - lubricates and provides protection against corrosion for the guide surfaces of brake calipers and brake pads.

To prevent squealing, ATE Plastilube is applied to the backing plates of the brake pads.

Do NOT apply to the brake disc pad (obviously) nor to any rubber parts.

Anti-squeal paste, also known as brake grease or anti-seize, is a slippery coating that can be applied to brake pads to prevent and eliminate squeaking noises. The coating acts as a buffer to reduce vibration frequency and quiet the sound. Anti-squeal compounds can also help prevent seizing or rust and secure the function of the entire brake.

The anti-squeal paste is resistant to road salt, water, and high temperatures and can be used on disk brake pads, studs, pins, and contact points for drum brakes. Before applying the paste, it's important to clean the sliding surfaces, shafts, and contact surfaces on the brake calipers with a steel brush. You can also use a brake parts cleaner to remove any grease.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW

Application: All BMW Models with hydraulic brakes
Manufacturer #: 03 99 0 205 242
Volume: 77g

Brand: ATE
USD Price $9.99

Quantity in Stock:7



  • Free from metal soaps and fatty acids, so it is not corrosive.
  • Long-lasting, hence reduced maintenance frequency.
  • Insoluble in water and outstanding resistance to leaching.

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