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  • Batteries & Accessories

    Batteries, Battery Cables, Battery Boxes, Bolts, Bridges, Mounts, Straps.
  • Charging

    Charging System Rotors, Stators, Stator Frame, Voltage Regulators & Rectifiers, System Upgrades.
  • Electrical Kits

    Electrical kits and bundles to update your Airhead.
  • Ignition

    Airhead Points, Condensers, Digital Ignition Upgrades, Hall Sensor Testers, Coils, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Ignition Modules and Brackets.
  • Lighting & Horns

    Airhead Brake Light Switches, Bulbs, Headlights, Horns, Light Harnesses, Relays, Flasher Relays, Tail Lights, Turn Signals.
  • Relays & Switches

    Airhead Relays, Brake Light Switches, Neutral Position Switches and Fuse Box.
  • Starting

    Airhead 9 and 8 Tooth Starters, Solenoids, Starter Armatures, Starter Field Coils, Field Magnet Housing, Starter Drive, Brushes, Gears and Drive Fork.
  • Wiring

    Airhead Chassis Harnesses, Wire, Battery Cables, Wiring Diagrams, 3 Pin and 4 Pin Plugs, Fuse Box, Accessory Socket and Harness Repair Kit.

Electrical system components for BMW R Airheads.