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  • Charging Accessories

    Stator Frames, Alternator & Engine Wire Harnesses, Brush Holders, WVU Connectors, Y-Post, Brushes & Springs, Voltmeters and Battery Monitors.
  • Charging Kits

    Replace your Stock Charging System with a EDL1, Increase Power with a EDL2, Power at Low rpm with EDL3 and the Redesigned Brushless EDL4 Kit!
  • Regulators & Rectifiers

    BMW Airhead Regulators (Plastic, Steel & Adjustable),  Diode Boards (OEM, EDL & Heavy Duty), Regulator/Rectifiers and Steel Diode Board Mounts.
  • Rotors & Stators

    BMW Airhead Rotors, Stators and Fully Equipped Stator Frame for all Stator and Rotor Configurations.

Charging System Rotors, Stators, Stator Frame, Voltage Regulators & Rectifiers, System Upgrades.
For a detailed video on the airhead charging system and its wiring by Brook Reams click HERE