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Valve Adjusting Screw - BMW Airhead 11 33 1 744 328 / EnDuraLast
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Part #: ValveAdj328

Valve Adjusting Screw Set of 4 with a 10mm nut and 4mm Allen Head.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R45, R50,R60, R65, R68, R69, R75, R80, R90, R100
Model Years: 1952 - 1996
Manufacturer #: 11 33 1 744 328

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Original Equipment Brand :
Made in Germany
BMW List Price $85.00
EME Price $59.99

Quantity in Stock:8
Part #: VALVEADJ328

Application Table

1. Remove the Valve Cover and rotate the Crankshaft to TDC position.

2. Loosen the original Valve Adjuster Screws.

3. Remove one rocker arm assembly and remove the original adjuster screw.

NOTE: If the lock nut is difficult to turn, then the threads may be damaged. To avoid damage to the rocker arm, it is recommended to cut the adjuster screw between the Rocker Arm and the lock nut with a saw or Dremel.

4. Oil the Adjuster threads and the Tappet of the new Adjuster Screw and install it including the lock nut.

5. Re-install the Rocker Arm assembly and torque the Cylinder Head Bolts to the prescribed torque.

6. Adjust the Valve to the prescribed clearance.

7. Torque the Adjuster Nut to 20NM

8. Repeat this process with the remaining Rocker Arm assemblies.

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