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fuel stabilizer, fuel additive,
Part # LM20052

Preserves and protects fuel against aging and oxidation. Increases operational reliability. The product has a lasting effect. Prevents corrosion throughout the entire fuel system. Prevents problems from occurring when motorbikes, motor scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and other gasoline-driven 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are decommissioned.

Use: Storage Or Seldom Used Gas Engine
Additive Type: Gasoline Engine - Fuel Additive
Container Volume: 250 mL / 8.45 fl oz
Directions: Hold bottle vertically to fill the 25 ml dose chamber to treat 5 liters / 1.32 gallons of gas. Run engine for 10 minutes after adding.

Premium Brand: Manufactured in Germany
EME Price $12.95

Quantity in Stock:6
Part #: LM20052

Technical Specs
Comply with the product manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Suitable for all 4-stroke and 2-stroke gasoline engines – especially for preventive care
  • Prevents corrosion throughout the entire fuel system
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Tested and approved safe for use on vehicles with turbochargers and catalytic converters

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