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Part # LM20152

Synthetic brake fluid based on glycol ethers, alkyl poly glycols and glycol ether esters. It contains inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of metallic brake components and to reduce oxidation at increased temperatures. The brake fluid has a high wet and dry boiling point, thus ensuring safe braking even after the absorption of some moisture over an extended period of use. Special moisture scavengers help to prevent against the formation of steam bubbles.

Use: Brake Fluid
Compound Type: Fully Synthetic
Container Volume: 250 mL / 8.4 fl oz

Premium Brand: Manufactured in Germany
EME Price $3.99
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Part #: LM20152

Technical Specs
Comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Miscible and compatible with high-quality synthetic brake fluids
  • Outstanding protection against the formation of steam bubbles
  • Excellent elastomer compatibility
  • Assures a high degree of lubricating action on all moving components in the hydraulic brake circuit
  • Extremely high wet and dry boiling points
  • Excellent viscosity/temperature properties
  • Excellent low temperature behavior
  • Highest thermal stability
  • Ideally suited for use in ABS brake systems

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