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engine flush,flush
Part # LM20050

Motorbike Engine Flush is a cleaning fluid for clearing troublesome deposits from the engine interior. Dissolves sludge and lacquer formations. All types of oil-soluble and oil-insoluble residues are brought into suspension and removed during the next oil change. An engine which has been cleaned of deposits and contamination and which is then filled with fresh uncontaminated oil can restore its full performance characteristics.

Cleaning and care
Simple to use
Does not attack common sealing materials
Restores the engine to its original performance
Long engine service life
Highly economical

Use: Engine maintenance
Additive Type: Gasoline Engine - Oil Additive
Container Volume: 250 mL / 8.45 fl oz
Directions: One 250 ml can is sufficient for up to 4,5 liters of oil. Add Motorbike Engine Flush to the motor oil at running temperature before changing the oil. After adding the product, allow the engine to idle for approx. 10 minutes, then change the oil and the filter.

Premium Brand: Manufactured in Germany
EME Price $8.99

Part #: LM20050

Technical Specs
Flushes out and cleans the oil circuits of motorcycles with four-stroke gasoline engines. The frequency of use is dependent on the degree of contamination of the oil circuit and on the quality of the oil used.

  • Dissolves sludge and lacquer formations
  • One 250 ML can is sufficient for up to 4.5 liters of oil
  • Motorbike Engine Flush is compatible with all commercially available motor oils
  • Suitable for use on motorcycles with wet clutches

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