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Fuel Tank Filler Cap Gasket - BMW Airhead; 16 11 2 307 360 / BMW
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Part #: FT-Gasket360

Genuine BMW Fuel Tank Filler Cap Assembly Gasket.

This gasket goes in between your fuel tank and the gas cap assembly. It does not seal gasoline; it prevents rain/snow/dirt from getting to the overflow trough built into the tank.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead
Make/Model: BMW R45, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100
Model Years: 1976 - 1996
Manufacturer #: 16 11 7 654 903

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment )

Original Equipment:
BMW List Price $7.52
EME Price $7.52

Part #: FT-GASKET360

Application Table
Genuine BMW Fuel Tank Filler Cap Gasket.

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