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Fuel Cock - Right Side BMW Airhead; 16 12 2 307 114 / Karcoma
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Part #: FT-FuelCock114

Fuel Cock, Karcoma (M20x1),

See FT-FuelCock557 for fuel cock with vertical outlet.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW R Airhead
Make/ Model: BMW R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100
Model Years: 1970 - 1995
Manufacturer #: 16 12 2 307 114

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab below to verify vehicle fitment)

Brand : KARCOMA Made in Germany
BMW List Price $40.42
EME Price $40.42
BUY NOW $38.99
You save $1.43!

Part #: FT-FUELCOCK114

Fuel Cock:
Left Side Fuel Cock [Add $39.38]

Application Table
Be sure to push the stand pipes in prior to installation.

NOTE: The connector must face to the rear of the motorcycle

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