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Mosfet Lithium Specific Electronic Voltage Regulator & Rectifier Combination - EnDuraLast
Mosfet Lithium Specific Electronic Voltage Regulator & Rectifier Combination - EnDuraLast
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Part #: EDL4Li-VoltRect

Lithium type battery specific MOSFET Combination Electronic Voltage Regulator & Rectifier for use with the EDL4Li alternator.

Output Voltage and voltage conditioning is a key factor in a voltage regulator designed specifically for Lithium batteries. The EnDuraLast regulator has a carefully set output voltage of 14.3VDC (+/- 0.3VDC). This stable and ideal output voltage carefully keeps a lithium battery in itís ideal charging range.

No regulator can make up for a bad or weak battery. If in doubt charge your battery and have it load tested, or simply replace it.


Detailed Installation Guide- see HERE

Will NOT work with the BOSCH alternator design used on BMW Airheads.
The Voltage Regulator/Rectifier is backwards compatible with BMW Airhead models fitted with the 450w Charging System EDL4, EDL450-AltKit, and EDL450-AltKit105 to offer a lithium battery compatible system!

Will work with lead acid or AGM batteries, however the voltage regulation is lower than required for most of these battery types.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models, Moto Guzzi 1993-09, Ducati, WITH DUCATI ENERGIA SYSTEM (will NOT work w/ Saprisa Charging System)
Make/Model: BMW R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100; Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Laverda, Cagiva Elefant : ALL - 1993-on
Model Years: 1969 to 2009
Manufacturer #: EME # EDL450-VoltRect, EDLGuzVoltRectOE, Moto Guzzi # 37703805 Ducati Energia Part # 363701 - replaces 343637, 343629, 343680 and others
Voltage Regulation:
14.1 volts
Compatibility: Backwards compatible with all vehicles fitted with EDL450-AltKit, EDL-450AltKit105, EDL4Li, EDL4 permeant magnet alternators made by EnDuraLast

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

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Technical Specs Application Table
Why do you need a different voltage regulator for lithium batteries?
Lithium batteries have different charging requirements than Lead Acid or AGM batteries that can severely affect their lifespan and performance. The key factors in safe and reliable lithium battery charging are the output DC voltage ripple and average output voltage.

The ripple effect is all that matters?
Charging voltage ripple in a powersports application is the difference between the highest and lowest voltages from the voltage regulator output. By nature, a common shunt style voltage regulator will have a fairly high voltage ripple due to the regulation shunt switches opening and closing frequently. Each on/off transition will cause some variation in the output voltage, this is unavoidable. Keeping this to minimum is critical for Lithium batteries.

In a perfect world, a ripple of less than 10% of the output voltage (~1.5V for a typical regulator), would be ideal, however is not practical for this type of regulator. The EDL4Li-VoltRect Lithium Specific regulator is able to maintain a less than 4 Volts output ripple, compared to verified test results of our competitors 8 volts. Keep in mind this ripple voltage is only seen via an Oscilloscope sampling the voltage 1000ís of times a second, and is not the same as your average charging voltage as measured by a multimeter.
  • Sophisticated electronics housed in finned billet machined aluminum housing.
  • Designed for direct connection to the battery positive terminal, to by-pass potential vehicle wiring harness issues.
  • Includes charge warning lamp circuit.
  • Will work only on 2-wire stator output Ducati Energia charging systems .
  • Voltage setting 14.1 V / 350 watts.

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