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220 PCA LiFePO4 Battery, Custom builds / EarthX
220 PCA LiFePO4 Battery, Custom build / EarthX
Part #: BAT-ETX12A

The ETX12A is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) starter battery designed to produce high cranking amps to turn over your engine and lasts much longer than your lead acid battery.

The ETX series of starter batteries are the most innovative and technology advanced batteries on the market! E
arthX has an exclusive fully integrated battery management system (BMS) to protect the cells so you will have a premium performance battery and better longevity!
Light weight and crazy powerful!

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Custom or Modified Motorcycles
Power Rating: 12 Volt, 220PCA / 220CCC


Made in the USA!
USD Price $169.00

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Part #: BAT-ETX12A

Technical Specs
Measure the battery tray to ensure you are purchasing a battery that will fit within the dimensions alotted.

The dimensions for the ETX12A:
Height: 3.7 Inches / 95 mm
Length: 4.5 Inches / 113 mm
: 2.6 Inches / 66 mm

Exclusive Features:
  • Over discharge protection (#1 killer of all batteries and other brands do not protect against this and void the warranty)
  • Over charge protection (Other brands do not protect against this and void the warranty)
  • Built in cell balancing technology (Other brands must use a special balancing charger in order to level the charge of each cell. Your vehicle is what charges the battery most of the time, if you do not have built in cell balancing technology, how is your battery balanced while using it?)
  • Short circuit protection up to 1,000 amps (Other brands void the warranty if you short the battery)
  • Excessive cranking protection (Lithium technology is different than a lead acid battery and needs to be protected from heat)
  • 2 year full coverage warranty (Not a prorated warranty that offers you the replacement at a discounted rate if they dont void the warranty)
  • Unique and exclusive design (Custom design with the terminals down the center and most models come with solid brass terminal adapters for extremely easy installation. You can choose an OEM fit or a compact fit)
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA

Why choose an EarthX lithium battery? S P E E D
S= SPEEDY CHARGING- EarthX ETX batteries will charge 2-3X faster than a lead acid battery.
P= POWERFUL and LONG LASTING- EarthX ETX batteries crank your engine over easily and will improve your starting performance as their resting voltage is 13.3V compared to a lead acid which is only 12.6V. Also EarthX ETX batteries life span is much longer than a lead acid battery and can last years longer!
E= EXTREMELY LIGHT WEIGHT- EarthX ETX batteries are up to 80 percent lighter than their lead acid equivalents. Lighter weight = better performance! This saves an average of 2-3 lbs. for dirt bikes, 6-8 lbs. for street bikes and 10-20 lbs. for touring and cruiser bikes.
E= ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- EarthX ETX batteries are environmentally and user friendly. Nonhazardous, nontoxic, nonpoisonous. Will not sulfate, will not corrode, will not freeze, will not boil over, will never need water added and will not spill acid EVER!
D= DISCHARGE RATE- EarthX ETX batteries have a much slower discharge rate than a lead acid and the need to charge them is greatly reduced.

The key advantages of an EarthX lithium battery over a lead acid batteries are;
  • Light-weight 70-80% less weight
  • Long Service Life Up to 4000 charge / discharge cycles (~3-8 years), over 4 times the life of a lead-acid battery
  • Longer Storage Life due to extremely low self-discharge rate, no need for charging in the off-season
  • Environmentally Friendly non-toxic, non-contaminating, lead free and no hazardous materials
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30 C+60C) lithium batteries are dry cell technology and will not freeze, boil, sulfate or corrode
  • Fast Charge can be fully charged in less than a half hour
  • No Special Mounting Direction can be used on its side or even upside down
  • Safety and Reliability internal cells are continually monitored by an integrated battery management system
The key advantages of EarthX lithium batteries over competitors lithium batteries;
  • Safety, performance and longevity are very important in the design of the EarthX battery and is the leader in the lithium market with the only battery management system included inside every ETX battery to protect from over discharge, over charge, cell balancing, short circuit and excessive cranking protection.
  • All our products are engineered in the USA
  • We use American battery technology, the most advanced lithium battery technology in the world
  • Our batteries are assembled, engineered and designed in the USA using US and foreign components.
  • No expensive balancing charger needed.
  • Flexible battery connection our batteries can be used in either left or right side polarity applications. You also have the option to connect the battery leads directly to your vehicle.
  • Quality We test all our batteries to industry standards (SAE, UL, CE).

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