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Field Magnet Housing (Counter Clockwise Rotation) - BMW Oilhead & Moto Guzzi / EnDuraLast
Field Magnet Housing (Counter Clockwise Rotation) - BMW Oilhead & Moto Guzzi / EnDuraLast
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VALEO Field Magnet Housing with Magnets for Counter Clock-Wise / CCW rotating starters.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW (D6RA55, D6RA75), Moto Guzzi (D6RA21, D6RA210)
Application: 1993-2005 BMW R Series, Model 259, Oilhead & 1988-2005 Moto Guzzi for Valeo Starters D6RA55, D6RA75, D6RA21, D6RA210
Make/Model: BMW (D6RA55, D6RA75), Moto Guzzi: (D6RA21, D6RA210) including all Model 259's
Model Years: 1988 to 2005
Manufacturer #: Not Available from Dealer

Brand : 123

USD Price $35.00

Quantity in Stock:43


Oilhead Starter Armature [Add $42.00]

Moto Guzzi Starter Drive [Add $55.00]

Oilhead Starter Gear Track [Add $19.00]

Oilhead Starter Solenoid [Add $40.00]

Oilhead Starter Drive [Add $54.99]

Common failure of pre-2002 Valeo starters was the field magnet adhesion failure. This repair part will replace the Field Magnet Housing with new style contour magnet and adhesive , plus fail-safe tensioned steel clips that hold the magnet in place even if the adhesive weakens.

  • Improved adhesive and magnet shape (contour) increase adhesion of the magnets to the field cannister.
  • Also with added spring retention clips to hold magnets in place.
  • Simple replacement.
  • Only for use with counter clockwise / CCW rotating starters
  • VALEO BMW D6RA55, D6RA75, our Part # BMW-VAL2
  • Moto Guzzi D6RA21,D6RA210 , our Part # MG-VAL3
  • Recommend also purchasing, Valeo starter tune-up kit Part #: VAL-TKPLUS with bushings, carbon brushes, etc...

How to disassemble your starter

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