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Valeo Starter Cable Insulator / EnDuraLast
Valeo - D6RA7, D6RA15, D6RA55, D6RA75, D6RA21, D6RA210 plastic brush cable shield
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Part #: D6RA-Insulator

Starter Cable Insulator - for Brush Cable leading to Solenoid.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW, Moto Guzzi
Application: 1988-1995 BMW R , Model 247, Moto Guzzi. Pre-1988 w/ VALEO Starter
Make/Model: BMW, Moto Guzzi: All Model 247's (late) & Moto Guzzi
Model Years: 1988 to 2005

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Application Table
Plastic Insulator that covers the brush cable

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