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BEP 3.0 Instrument Conversion Box / Maru Labs
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Part #: BEP3.0

The BEP3.0 was developed for people looking to replace the original cockpit (also labeled Brotbox or "Lunch Box”) of their K1, K75, K100, K1100 bike with a speedo of a third-party manufacturer. And everything done completely stress-free without soldering and tangled wires. No alterations to the wiring harness or modifications of the vehicle are required. Simply plug in and off you go!

Note that the K Bikes had two different wiring harness plugs, one with round connector pins (one-piece black plug) and the other one with angular pins (two-part white plug). The BEP3.0 works with either of these plugs as the pin assignment remained unchanged.

See Installation Instructions here

See Maru Labs support documentation here

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW K Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW: K1, K75, K100, K1100
Model Years: 1984 to 2005
Manufacturer #: N/A

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

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Part #: BEP3.0

Application Table
The BEP 3.0 not only serves as gauge, but fulfills other essential functions for the K Bike that enables riding the bike in the first place.

When simply installing a non-stock replacement speedo (without BEP 3.0) then you lose the following functionality:
  • The starter push-button cannot be used anymore (only with applied clutch)
  • Signal for the neutral light cannot be picked off at the wiring harness
  • The speed signal from the final drive is unavailable
  • The emergency fuel tank indicator at 4L is unavailable
  • The automatic turn signal resetting does not work
  • The battery will no longer be charged
The Lunch Box does not exclusively function as a gauge but also decrypts signals (the speedo signal from the final drive), compares signals (comparator 4L indicator) and sends out signals itself (starter push-button, generator, automatic turn signal switch shutoff etc…).

The BEP3.0 accomplishes all these tasks within compact circuitry.

Two Limitations of Functionality exist:
  • If your fuel tank is not equipped with a float then the level sensor of your speedo will not function either. In this case, only a fuel gauge (being triggered at fuel level of 4L, as in the original) can be used instead.
  • The BEP3.0 does not provide an engine speed signal. Motogadget is selling an ignition signal pick-up for the ignition cable at a price of €30. Other manufacturers pick off the high-voltage-signal capacitively or make use of the 12-volt-control signal of the ignition coil (not high-voltage side). Tests for extended periods have been carried out and unfortunately found no way to filter the engine speed signal in such a way, that it is compatible with any speedo type. We woudl not recommend the use of a speed output.
Please locate installation well protected from the weather. Electronics are (as in all other cases) sensitive to water. Your K Bike always has space for electronic parts below the fuel tank. The wiring harness can be connected with ease. The speedo wires simply have to be connected to the respective outlets. The WAGO connectors used are highly vibration-resistant. No soldering bits nor barrel connectors are required.

103mm x 62mm x 20mm
4 1/16" x 2 7/16" x 3/4"


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