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Field Magnet Housing (Clockwise Rotation) - BMW R Airhead / EnDuraLast
VALEO D6RA55, VALEO D6RA7, D6RA15, D6RA210, VALEO D6RA STARTER MAGNET HOUSING COUNTER CLOCKWISE, D6RA7 starter magnet housing, D6RA15 starter magnet housing, D6RA21 starter magnet housing, D6RA210 starter magnet housing, Valeo starter magnet housing, BMW
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Part #: D6RA-MAGCW

VALEO Field Magnet Housing with Magnets for clock-wise rotating starters, upgraded with exclusive magnet retainer clips.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: 1988-1995 BMW R Series, Model 247, Boxer, Airhead; Valeo Starter D6RA7 and D6RA15
Make/Model: BMW: All Model 247's
Model Years: 1970 to 1995 with Valeo starter
Manufacturer #: Not Available from Dealer; Valeo: D6RA7 and D6RA15 Starters Fits our Part # BMW-VAL1

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment )

Brand : 123
EME Price $35.00

Part #: D6RA-MAGCW

9 Tooth Airhead Starter Drive [Add $25.00]

Valeo Starter Dust Cap Replacement [Add $1.50]

Airhead & Moto Guzzi Starter Armature [Add $40.00]

Planetary Gear Wheels (x3) [Add $7.00]

Gear Track [Add $19.00]

Airhead & Moto Guzzi Starter Solenoid [Add $40.00]

Application Table
Common failure of pre-2002 Valeo starters was the field magnet adhesion failure.
This repair part will replace the Field Magnet Housing with new style contour magnet and adhesive, plus fail-safe tensioned steel clips that hold the magnet in place even if the adhesive weakens.

The housing ultilizes an improved adhesive and is designed with a revised magnet contour and spring steel anchor / separators that increase adhesion of the magnets to the field canister.

Recommend also purchasing, Valeo starter tune-up kit, Part #: VAL-TKPLUS
with bushings, carbon brushes, etc...

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