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BMW Number 1 Sticker / Heritage Stickers Chassis Wire Harness, 6Volt - BMW Airhead R50, R60, R69; 61 11 8 066 035 / EnDuraLast
EME Price $6.99
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BMW List Price $96.35
EME Price $61.50
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BMW Number 1 Sticker / Heritage Stickers 61 11 8 066 035,61118066035,R50,R50/2 chassis harness,R50S chassis harness,R50US chassis harness,R60 chassis harness,R60/2 chassis harness,R60US chassis harness,R69 chassis harness,R69S chassis harness,R69US chassis harness,R50,R50/2 wiring harness,R50S w
Part # DecalNo1 Part # Chassis-HAR035
Alternator 107.5mm Stator Frame Assembly for BMW Airhead - 12 31 1 243 002 / EnDuraLast Sport Exhaust System / Sport Header & Hoske Mufflers -38mm - BMW Airhead / EnDuraLast / Hoske
List Price $146.88
EME Price $109.88
BUY NOW $99.99
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EME Price $882.98
BUY NOW $759.00
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Airhead; Bosch stator; Bosch 3-phase stator 18 11 1 230 433,18 11 1 230 434,18111230433,18111230434,exhaust header,bmw,bmw exhaust manifold,silencer,bmw airhead exhaust,airhead exhaust manifold,R60 exhaust manifold,R75 exhaust manifold,R80 exhaust manifold,R90 exhaust manifold,R100 exhaust manifol
Part # BOALT-StatFram107Plus Part # EXSportBundle
Ignition Hall Effect Trigger Sensor, 6-Pin Flat Connector - BMW Oilhead; 12 11 2 306 137 / EnDuraLast Flywheel Bolt Coarse Thread, BMW Airhead (from 1975) ; 11 22 1 262 060 / EnDuraLast
BMW List Price $450.28
EME Price $199.99
BUY NOW $175.00
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BMW List Price $6.26
EME Price $4.99
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EnDuraLast New Hall Effect Ignition Trigger sensor. Replaces failed magnetic hall-effect phase sensors and delicate deteriorated wires and insulation with improved insulated PTFE cable. Comes complete with correct plug-in harness connector.12 11 2 306 137 11 22 1 262 060,11221262060,R45 flywheel bolt,R50 flywheel bolt,R60 flywheel bolt,R65 flywheel bolt,R75 flywheel bolt,R80 flywheel bolt,R90 flywheel bolt,R100 flywheel bolt,R45 bolt,R50 bolt,R60 bolt,R65 bolt,R75 bolt,R80 bolt,R90 bolt,R100 bolt
Part # BOIgnSen-R137EDL Part # FlywheelBolt060



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