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Wave Washer M5 - BMW Airhead, K Bike, F Bike, Oilhead, ; 07 11 9 932 098 / BMW
71119932099, 71 11 9 932 099.wave washer, Exhaust System, Footpeg, Indicator, Seat, Handlebar, Brake Pedal, Trailing Arm, Transmission, Alternator, Mudguard, Air Cleaner, Horn, Starter, Cylinder Head, Mirror, Engine Spoiler, Fork Slider, Safety Bar, Headl
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Part #: WaveWasher098

Wave Washer for many different applications including Engine Camshaft, Camshaft Gear, Timing Chain, Clutch Plate, Mudgaurd, Carburetor, Generator, Battery, Cylinder Head, Housing, Cover, Front Wheel Brake, Telescope-Fork, Engine Ventilation, Oil Pump, Oil Filter Dip Stick, Starter Mounting Hardware, Spark Plug/Ignition Wire/Ignition Coil, Air Cleaner Housing, Clutch Control, Shifting Forks/Speedometer Pinion Output, Wheel Hub Mounting Parts Rear, Cockpit, Rear Protection Bar, Gearbox Cover, Rear Wheel Brake, Fuse Box, Additional Headlight, Rear Light, Dashboard Casting, Trim Panel-Bracket, Mirror, Anti-Interference Kit, Wiring Full Suppressing, and many more.

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Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead, F&G Bike, K-Bike, Oilhead, Hexhead and more...
Make/Model: BMW
Most Models
Model Years: ALL
Manufacturer #: 0711 9 904 496 superseded by 07 11 9 932 099
Dimensions: Crinkled spring washer A6, Wave washer B6 (6mm ID, 10.5mm OD)

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Original Equipment: BMW

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Application Table
The wave washer has so many applications - be sure to check the dimensions and Application Table!

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