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Charging Conversion Kit - 6v to 12v for 17mm Crank - BMW Pre-1970 Airhead / Emerald Isle
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Part #: UpgradeKit17

Charging System Conversion Kit from 6v to 12V, 200W for the 17mm Crankshaft Nose.

The kit includes the stator cover, startor, rotor, diode board, regulator, brushes and associated hardware.In the photos you can see that the wires are numbered and are inserted into the equally numbered and colored equivalent wires on the bike.

NOTE: You will need to change the light bulbs, relays and battery with this conversion.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R50, R51, R51/3, R60, R67, R67/2/3, R68, R69
Model Years: 1955 - 1960

Brand : Emerald Isle

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