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Transmission Switch - BMW F, HP2, K & R Hexhead; 23 00 8 358 250, 23 00 7 680 581  / BMW
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Part #:TRSwitch250

BMW OEM Transmission Switch / Potentiometer with "semi-circle shaped" drive including 300mm cable and plug.

Part Number 23 00 7 680 581 was discontinued due to water ingress problems at the cable connector which is resolved with this sealed cable and switch unit.

NOTE: The part will NOT fit on your vehicle if it has a "T-shaped" drive - please check before ordering this part! See our Part No: TRSwitch960

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW F Bike, Hexhead, K Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW F650, F800, HP2, K1200, R1200
Model Years: 2002 - 2012
Manufacturer Part # : 23 00 8 358 250 superceeds 23 00 7 680 581

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Original Equipment: BMW
BMW List Price $231.18
EME Price $231.18

Part #: TRSWITCH250

Gearbox Oil Seal on Gear Position Switch - BMW K Bike, Hexhead, Oilhead ; 23 12 2 330 141 [Add $7.99]

Application Table
A faulty gear indicator / neutral switch (potentiometer) is suspected when:

  • no gear or neutral indicator is visible on the dash display,
  • no neutral green light or some gears fail to display,
  • the wrong gear is indicated
These faults may be intermittent or permanent. It is advised that you first check the electrical connector for corrosion, clean it and apply some dielectric grease before re-connection.

You may also have problems with the bike not starting as the gear position switch / potentiometer may well be sending an 'in gear' signal to the bike's ECU even though the bike is in neutral (you can get round this by starting the bike with the side stand up and the clutch lever pulled in).

In general these issues are a nuisance only however it is possible for the neutral green light to show when the bike is still in gear - a clearly hazardous situation.

The faulty switch is a fairly common issue with the BMW R1200GS and other BMW R1200 series motorcycles.

The gear position indicator switch (potentiometer) is mounted to the back of the gearbox with the electrical connector and switch.

Removing gearbox potentiometer
  • Disconnect plug of gearbox potentiometer
  • Release the cable from the cable clips
  • Remove screws from the gearbox potentiometer
  • Remove the gearbox potentiometer, noting the O-ring position

Installing gearbox potentiometer
  • Install the gearbox potentiometer, noting the O-ring position
  • Install screws
  • Tightening torques of potentiometer to gearbox - Bolts/screws 2 x (M6 x 25)- torque 9 Nm
  • Connect plug to the gearbox potentiometer
  • Clip the cable into the cable clips

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