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Spark Plug Wire Cap, 5k OHM - BMW Airhead; (Resistor) Black Plastic / NGK
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Part #: SPCapNGK5K

Premium Quality 5kΩ Resistor Spark Plug Cap - sold individually
Normally two required / four for dual spark conversion.

Compatible with Points, Transistorized, and aftermarket Ignition Systems.
Use for building your own custom plug wires.

NOTE: When using this spark plug cap, remove the nipple nut on the end of the spark plug The spring lock connector is designed to lock onto the exposed spark plug threads.

Vehicle Manufacturer:
BMW, Moto Guzzi
Application: Airhead 2V Models, Moto Guzzi
Model Years: 1969 - 1996
Manufacturer Part#: LB05F (8051)

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Quantity in Stock:184


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