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Universal Screw M6x16 BMW F Bike, G Bike, Hexhead, K Bike, Oilhead; 46 63 7 659 459 / BMW
46 63 7 659 459,46637659459,F650 brake hose,F700 brake hose,F800 brake hose,F850 brake hose,G650 brake hose,HP2 brake hose,HP4 brake hose,K1200 brake hose,K1300 brake hose,K1600 brake hose,R850 brake hose,R1100 brake hose,R1150 brake hose,R900 brake hose,
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Part # ScrewM6x16

Universal Screw M6x16 with anti-rotational thread lock for the following applications:

  • F Bike Models - Belt Drive, Brake M/C, Brake Pipe, Chain Guard, Expansion Tank, Engine Spoiler, License Plate,Hand protector, Seat, Starter, Tail Trim, Wheel Cover
  • G Bike Models - Hand Protector, Headlight, License Plate, Tail Trim
  • Hexhead Models - Antenna, Brake Hose, Case Holder, Dashboard, Exhaust, Fairing, Fan, Fuel Tank, Horn, Indicators, Mirror, Oil Cooling Pipe, Seat, Struts
  • K Bike Models - Air-Duct, Armrest, Brake Pipe, Engine Cover, Fuel Tank, Seat
  • Oilhead Models - Brake Hose, Cable Disrt., Front Panel, Rear Carrier, Rear Axle Drive, Windshield
  • S Bike Models - Charcoal Filter, Footrest

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Make/Model: BMW F Bike, Hexhead, G Bike, K Bike Oilhead, S Bike Models
Application: BMW F650, F700, F800, F850, G650, HP2, HP4, K1200, K1300, K1600, R850, R1100, R1150, R900, R1200, S1000
Model Years: 1999 - 2020
Manufacturer Part #: 46 63 7 659 459

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Brand: BMW

BMW List Price $3.15
USD Price $3.15

Quantity in Stock:26

Part #: SCREWM6X16

Application Table
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