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Universal Screw M5x16-A2-80 BMW ;  06 32 7 651 212 / EnDuraLast
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Part #: ScrewM5x16

Binding-Head Screw for various applications, 5mm x16mm.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW F&G Bikes, Hexhead,K-Bike, Oilhead, S Bike, Scooter Models
Make/Model: BMW C600, C650, F650, F700, F800, G650, HP2, HP4, K1200, K1300, K1600, R900, R1150, R1200, S1000
Model Years: 2003 - 2017
Manufacturer #: 06 32 7 651 212

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

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Part #: SCREWM5X16

Application Table
Note that this bolt is used in applications that include air duct, battery holder, case lid, engine spoiler, fairings, fenders, fuel tank covering, LED Indicators, handguards, grab handle, grill cover, headlights, intake silencer, license plate bracket, loudspeaker, luggage grid, mirror covers, mudguards, oil cooling pipe, splash guard extensions, rear light, strut covers, slipstream deflector, tail trim, tank lid, trim parts, turn indicator, ventilation emission monitoring, wheel covers, license plate holder, windshield.

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