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Complete Radiator Hose Kit - BMW K75 Bike / Samco
Complete Radiator Hose Kit - BMW K75 Bike / Samco
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Part # RadHoseKitK75

Complete Radiator Hose Kit Specifically Designed for BMW K75. BMW Samco Sport street Bike Silicone Hose Kits are of exceptional quality and manufactured in the UK to the highest standard.

As used by many top teams including the BMW World Superbike team, Samco Sport offers a great range of race-tested, direct-replacement silicone hose kits offering many benefits over factory fitted hoses. Included are the matching Samco full stainless hose clamp kit. These are really nice clamps, 12mm wide band all 304 stainless (incl the screw) and have a smooth inner surface with a slightly beveled inner edge Perfect for silicone.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW

Application: BMW K Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW K75 (NOT for the K75RT)
Model Years: 1982 - 1997
Manufacturer Hoses #: 17 12 1 460 692, 17 12 1 460 694, 17 12 1 460 691, 17 12 1 460 314, 17 11 1 152 866
Manufacturer Clamp #: 17 12 1 460 937, 64 21 8 367 179, 07 12 9 952 113, 07 12 9 952 117
Note: For bikes with the right side radiator hose that goes through the crank cover.

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment )

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Installation Tips

  • Park your motorcycle safely, turn off the engine and allow the engine, coolant and radiator pipes to cool (for about 8 hrs)
  • Remove the existing radiator hoses and clamps and replace them with the new parts in this kit.
  • Choose the apporopriate hose clamps and slide them onto the hose before installating the hose.
  • Ensure each radiator hose seats completely as it should. Slide each hose at least 3mm (1/8-inch) onto the pipe or fitting, ensuring the hose slides over the fitting bead or lip where applicable.
  • The interior lining of the radiator hoses is delicate - be careful not to damage this lining when sliding hoses onto the fittings.
  • The clamps are designed to be torqued to 7Nm (5ft/lb) - retorque all clamps after 30minutes to compensate for any settling and stretching of the hose.
  • Use only cool water to lubricate hoses during installation
  • Use only the recommended coolant - coolant additives may damaged the hose lining.
  • Once the cooling system is completely full, inspect the hoses for any leaks before starting the engine.
  • Start the motorcycle, let it idle and again check for any leaks as the cooling system is pressurised
  • Check the hoses and clamps periodically.

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