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Complete Radiator Hose Kit - BMW K100 8 valve / AS3
Complete Radiator Hose Kit - BMW  K100 8 valve / AS3
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Part # RadHoseKitK100-AS3

Complete High Performance Radiator Hose Kit, including 4 Radiator Hoses and all associated Hose Clamps.

  • The AS3 Silicone Hose Kits are of made from high quality 4.5mm thick, 3 ply silicone with polyester reinforcement, manufactured in the UK.
  • The hoses are more durable, will not perish (like rubber does) and stonger than the stock radiator hoses.
  • The smooth and larger inner surface increases coolant flow between the radiator and engine.
  • The hoses can with stand extreme temperatures from 428C to -60C (802F to -76F)

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW K Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW K100 8 valve models
Model Years: 1984 - 1989
Manufacturer Hoses #: 17 12 1 460 278, 17 12 1 460 416, 17 12 1 460 266, 17 12 1 460 314, 17 11 1 152 866
Manufacturer Clamp #: 17 12 1 460 937, 64 21 8 367 179, 07 12 9 952 113, 07 12 9 952 117

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Installation Tips

  • Park your motorcycle safely, turn off the engine and allow the engine, coolant and radiator pipes to cool (for about 8 hrs)
  • Remove the existing radiator hoses and clamps and replace them with the new parts in this kit.
  • Choose the apporopriate hose clamps and slide them onto the hose before installating the hose.
  • Ensure each radiator hose seats completely as it should. Slide each hose at least 3mm (1/8-inch) onto the pipe or fitting, ensuring the hose slides over the fitting bead or lip where applicable.
  • The interior lining of the radiator hoses is delicate - be careful not to damage this lining when sliding hoses onto the fittings.
  • The clamps are designed to be torqued to 7Nm (5ft/lb) - retorque all clamps after 30minutes to compensate for any settling and stretching of the hose.
  • Use only cool water to lubricate hoses during installation
  • Use only the recommended coolant - coolant additives may damaged the hose lining.
  • Once the cooling system is completely full, inspect the hoses for any leaks before starting the engine.
  • Start the motorcycle, let it idle and again check for any leaks as the cooling system is pressurised
  • Check the hoses and clamps periodically.

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