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No-Ox-ID Electrical Contact Grease - 7cc Pillow Packet / Sanchem
NO-OX-ID A-Special,electrical contact grease,corrosion prevention
Part #: NO-OX-ID

NO-OX-ID Special is electrical contact grease designed to be used on electrical contacts between metal surfaces, especially between dissimilar metals that can be rapidly compromised in the presence of oxygen, water, salts, pollutants, and other oxidizing agents.

The conductive grease and rust preventive compound prevents corrosion and lubricates electrical connections. See more details

NO-OX-ID on ALL your electrical connections to ensure good conductivity!

NOTE: The color ranges between light yellow and black

Available in bulk quantities and discount for manufacturers / distributors. Contact us for details.


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Part #: NO-OX-ID

This electrical contact grease has been used in the power industry for over 65 years to prevent corrosion in electrical connectors from low micro-power electronics to high voltage switchgear. NO-OX-ID A-Special is RoHS compliant! This product is also used as a battery terminal grease.

Application Instructions:

  • Apply a thin coat of this electrically conductive grease to mini-lamp bases before inserting into sockets.
  • Apply to base of lamp socket and lens contact area.
  • Apply to all electrical conduit connections by packing the end of the tubing and nut before connecting to box connection.
  • Apply to all wire terminal connections and wire splice connections. Dip the spade or ring into the NO-OX-ID
  • Apply to all electrical junction box connections or terminal posts in light system, starter cable connections, alternator terminal connections, battery posts connectors and ground connections.
  • Apply a thin coat of this electrically conductive lubricant to 7-way trailer plug connections and VW cable connector.
  • Use NO-OX-ID A-Special as a battery terminal grease to prevent battery corrosion for both your car battery maintenance and marine battery maintenance. For battery connections coat the post, screw, clamp, terminal liberally with NO-OX-ID. A little NO-OX-ID goes a long way!

How to Apply Conductive Grease to Battery Terminals:

  • Disconnect the connector from the terminal. When taking the battery out first disconnect the negative terminal (-), then disconnect the positive (+).
  • Degrease the terminal post.
  • Neutralize the area this is normally done with baking soda & water (1 lb/ 1 gal.)
  • Use a toothpick size steel wire brush to buff the face of the terminal post until the face is bright lead.
  • Next, apply a light coating of NO-OX-ID A-Special to all four faces of the terminal post.
  • Reattach the cables to the battery. When reattaching the battery, first connect the positive (+) connection then reattach the negative terminal (-).
Dielectric Grease vs. No-OX-ID

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