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LM48 Installation and Assembly Paste / LIQUI MOLY
LM48 Installation and Assembly Paste / LIQUI MOLY
Part # LM20216

High-performance tungsten disulfide paste for heavy-duty applications. Adheres even to apparently smooth surfaces. Rubbed into bearings and slide guides, prevents running-in damage and seizing marks when assembling components with tight pairings. Contains a synergistically active solid lubricant system with a zinc sulfide, graphite, fluorides and tungsten disulfide base. Service temperature: -35 °C to +450 °C (–31 °F to +842 °F).

Use: Assembly Lube
Container Volume: 50g / 1.76 oz
Directions: Apply to cleaned surfaces directly from tube or using a paint brush, brush or lint-free cloth. Can be applied in excess.
Areas of application: For assembly, repair and maintenance in all technical areas. For basic lubrication and preventing running-in damage and seizing marks when pressing in pins and bearing bushes and mounting plain bearing rings. For lifetime lubrication of joints and small components and for reducing wear on sliding machine components.

Premium Brand: Manufactured in Germany
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Part #: LM20216

Technical Specs
Comply with the product manufacturer’s instructions.


  • outstandingly adherent
  • high capacity
  • high wear resistance
  • good corrosion protection
  • low coefficient of friction
  • easy to use
  • outstanding emergency-running properties
  • highly economical

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