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Circuit Light Board BMW R60, R75, R90, R100 ; 62 11 1 243 436, 62 11 1 356 665 / KatDash
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Part #: KDash-6

Flex Circuit Light Board with an AMBER Turn Signal at the bottom of the Dash and the HIGH BEAM Indicator in the Tachometer Face- fully visible in bright sunlight.

The part includes a 3 piece instrument seal kit (BMW part numbers:
62 11 1 358 114 and 62 11 1 356 671), comprised of the rubber caulking strip and the left and right neoprene seals for the rear cover lid. Replaceing the old seals will reduce instrument fogging significantly.

The first version of the dual gauge instrument pod had white dial markings and orange hands and in 1974 they trimmed the rim with white and in early models has "0" instead of "neutral". The solid state flex light board has 2 LED's per indicator lens and is the only board with 9 connector pins and a mechanical tachometer. The additional gauge lighting locations help illuminate the gauges better than the poorly lit single bulb stock lighting. The charging light circuit is pepcifically designed to energise the charging system.

NOTE: The turn signal and oil light indicators are on the bottom half of the dash, with the brake and neutral light on the top half, and was reversed on later models.

See the Installation Instructions on this link Installation Instructions (included with the product)

Not available from BMW!

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R60/6, R60/7, R75/6, R75/7, R90/6, R90S, R100/7, R100/7T, R100/T, R100RS, R100S
Model Years: 1973 - 09/1977
Manufacturer #: Upgraded version of 62 11 1 356 664, dash housing 62 11 1 356 665

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Part #: KDASH-6

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