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Crankshaft Position Sensor - BMW F&G Bikes; 12 11 7 652 904 / BMW
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Part #: IgnSen904

Crankshaft Position Sensor (Pulse Generator) - this is a Magnetic Sensor.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW F and G Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW : F650CS, F650GS, G650 Xchallenge, G650Xcountry, G650Xmoto, G650GS
Model Years: 1999 to 2015
Manufacturer #: 12 11 7 652 904

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Brand : BMW
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Part #: IGNSEN904

Application Table
A "Plug and Play" replacement.

The 650GS has a single sensor to determine the rotational speed, crankshaft position and the stroke. The sensor operates on the flywheel instead of the camshaft.

The BMSC engine management ECU measures variations in engine rotational acceleration to distinguish between the exhaust and compression strokes. The crankshaft slows down approaching the top of the compression stroke. BMW describe the sensor as a magnetic sensor rather than a hall effect sensor in the workshop manual.

The signals generated by the sensor are very small pulses which are difficult to measure with any low cost traditional test equipment which can lead to difficulties in determining whether the sensor is operational. In addition to this the on board diagnostics system in the engine management ECU does not always generate fault codes indicating the lack of detection of signals from the sensor. One fault code which can be generated is a speed sensor fault code which is not named well and can be misinterpreted as a rear wheel speed sensor fault. This can lead people to believe the BMS is faulty where the fault can be in the sensor.

The sensor operation can be impaired or fail where there is any metallic particle build up on the sensor. Potential sources of metal particles are the starter motor and the starter clutch, there would be more but those two in particular would be a source of ferrous particles.

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