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Headlight Shield 14mil - EnDuraLast
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Part #: HL-Shield

Protective Headlight Lens Shield (14mil) - will Protect your Headlight Lens from being Cracked or Chipped by random flying Rocks.

The double polished, ultra clear flexible film needs to be Cut to Fit and will conform to the curvature of the glass without affecting the light pattern or output - almost unnoticeable!

The UV resistant shield applies directly onto the glass and will not trap water, bugs or dirt. The unique and durable shield is applied with 3M adhesive and can be removed easily. In conditions that require additional protection it can be double or triple layered.

All Motorcycles and Cars
Size: 12" x 12" (300mm x 300mm)
Thickness: 14mil (note a mil = 0.001inch)

Lens: Clear

Brand :

USD Price $14.99

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Replacing your headlight is an expensive business - use this inexpensive shield to save you the agony of replacing this expensive part. Clean your headlight with the Shield using normal headlamp cleaning procedures using soapy water - avoiding harsh abrasives that may scratch the Shields surface.

NOTE: The shield can be used to protect indicators, mirrors and other high impact areas - much like the clear bra protection on cars.

Do NOT use the Shield on small headlamps (less than 5" diameter) with oversize bulbs (80-100w) - the additional heat may cause a thermal crack to occur in the headlamp glass.


1. Clean and dry headlamp surface
2. Make a Cutting Template of the headlamp using paper or manila file folder material.
3. Cut the Shield as per the template using scissors, utility knife or Xacto knife
4. Apply the Shield at room temperature, do NOT pre-heat the adhesive Shield!

To remove the Shield, peel it off and use 3M adhesive cleaner to remove the adhesive.

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