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Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner / Motion Pro
Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner / Motion Pro
Part #: FSealMate

Easy way to keep your fork seals clean and debris free
Extracts dirt and debris trapped between fork seal and tube
Will work on conventional and upside down forks

EME Price $7.50


Detailed Instructions
  1. Clean the entire area around the DUST seal.
  2. Use a small flat head screwdriver to assist in sliding away from the DUST seal, exposing the OIL seal.
  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the dust seal so Seal Mate can fix your leaky fork seals.
  4. Clean the entire area around the oil seal. (Contact cleaner, toothbrush, towel).
  5. Slide the dust seal down the fork tube so Seal Mate can fix your leaky fork seals.
  6. Carefully insert the back end of the Seal Mate tool between the seal and fork tube. This should be inserted approximately 1/2" deep.
  7. Slide the back end of the Seal Mate tool into the fork then rotate the tool to be parallel with the fork tube.
  8. Gently rotate Sealmate around fork tube making sure that the HOOKED END is the leading edge. Rotate the Seal Mate tool around your oil seal to remove the dirt and debris from your seals. After a complete rotation, CONTINUE rotating SEAL MATE as it is being removed.
  9. Wipe down the entire area (fork tube and seal). Grab the front brake and COMPRESS (pump) the forks several times.
  10. Wipe off the entire area (fork tube and seal). Pump again Inspect fork tube for excess oil. If excess oil is present repeat steps 8-11.
  11. Slide the dust seal back up into the fork Clean and return dust seal to the original position.
  12. Reinstall guard.
DONE!! Simple and easy tool to fix leaking fork seals.
Seal Mate the Tool that Fixes Leaking Fork Seals

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