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Super Spark Plug replaces NGK BKR7EKC BMW R Oilhead; 12 12 7 653 771 FR6KDC+ / Bosch
BMW R 1100s spark plugs; BMW R1150 spark plugs; BMW R1200 spark plugs; BMW R Oilhead spark plugs; BMW R1100 spark plugs; 12 12 7 653 771; 12127653771; NGK BKR7EKC; BKR7EKC; FR6KDEO; FR6KDC+
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BOSCH Suppression Resistor Copper Core Spark Plug. Two ground electrodes withYttrium center electrode for longer life.
14mm thread diameter with 5/8 inch hex.Thread reach 3/8 inch. Extended tip electrode 4mm (vs 3mm on FR6DDC & FR6DTC). Smaller gap 0.6mm for better ignition and less surging. Can also use "Super Plus" FR6KDC+

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW 1100S, 1150, R1200
Make/Model: BMW
Model Years: 1998 to 2004
Manufacturer #: 12 12 7 653 771(NGK BKR7EKC)
Power Rating: Heat Range 6 (1=Cold / 9=Hot)

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Original Equipment :
BMW List Price $18.67
EME Price $6.99
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Loctite Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant

One time use Loctite for Spark Plugs [Add $1.80]

NOTE: A plug with a low heat range number is a cold plug that quickly dissipates heat to the engine block and cooling system, while a high heat range is a hot plug that retains heat. By properly selecting the heat range of the plug, it ensures that the plug will operate between the plug’s designed operating range of 500-900 degrees Celsius. In this range, the spark plug will be self-cleaning, yet will not be hot enough to pre-ignite the air/fuel mixture

Original equipment replacement for later model Oilheads with 2 plugs heads

This is the main plug with FR6DDC as secondary plug.

Can be used to replace FR6DDC, FR6DTC & NGK BKR7EKC.

Replaces NGK BKR7EKC - the
Features and Benefits versus the NGK BKR7EKC are
  • Yttrium enhanced center electrode for longer plug life
  • Yttrium enhanced ground electrodes for longer life
  • Nickel Yttrium ground electrodes for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Nickel plating for enhanced corrosion resistance and anti-seizing vs. zinc chromate coating for NGK

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