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Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose Coupling Kit (4 Piece) for 5/16" hoses - BMW R1200GS ADV / CPC
Quick Disconnect R1200GS ADV, R1200GS ADV Quick Disconnect.O-Ring
Part # FP-QDCR1200ADV

Quick Disconnect Fuel Hose 4 Piece Coupling Kit for 5/16" (9.3mm) hoses including 2 fuel injection rated hose clamps, a spare set of Viton O-Rings and thread sealant for the two female screw-in fittings on the fuel pump flanges. (Enough to replace all the plastic connectors).

NOTE: Don't be fooled by the cheaper cast zinc parts being sold with a incorrect 1/4" 90 fitting.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Hexhead
Make/Model: BMW R1200GS ADV
Model Years: 2005 - 2017
Dimensions: Female connector thread OD 17mm and the male hose stub OD 9mm

Brand: CPC

Our Price: $82.99

Part #: FP-QDCR1200ADV

Quick Disconnect ORings

Quick Disconnect O-rings - BMW K Bike, Hexhead, Oilhead; 13 31 7 659 110 / CPC [Add $2.95]

Now includes two female screw-in fittings to the fuel pump flanges!

NOTE: Some early production date 2005 R1200GS models were equipped with two 90 degree male fittings instead and would require this kit. If you own an early 2005 R1200GS model please check your bike to be sure which fittings you require.