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37mm Fuel Pump - Ducati 998, 848, 916; Ducati Part # 43040041A (Pump Only) / BOSCH
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Part #: FP-998

Bosch In-Tank Fuel Pump for Ducati - bolt-in replacement with no adapters required.

NOTE: The fuel screen can be replaced with this modified system - see:

Vehicle Manufacturer: Ducati
Application: Late Models; 998, 996, 999, GT1000, Monster etc.
Make/Model: Monster 620, 695, 998, 996, Super Sport, Streetfighter and more
Model Years: 1997-2011
Manufacturer #: Pump only 43040041A, 66100, 0580453495
Power Rating: 12.0 Volts, 3 bar , 110 liters / hour replaces VDO

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment )

Original Equipment : 123 Made in Germany by BOSCH
Ducati List Price $243.47
USD Price $109.99

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Part #: FP-998

Application Table
This is the OE BOSCH 37mm diameter pump and will replace the VDO pump. The following points cover the installation / exchange of the pump from the plastic carrier, specifically removing the lower fuel screen retainer.

Fuel Pump Exchange

To exchange the original VDO with the BOSCH pump from within the plastic pump holder, careful removal of the plastic fuel screen retainer must be accomplished.

NOTE: The plastic fuel screen retainer is NOT a Ducati serviced part; if you do not feel that you are capable of performing the below actions without damaging the screen retainer, submit the pump to someone locally that can. Damaging the retention system of the screen retainer will not allow re-installation of the screen.

1) Place entire pump assembly upside (outlet down / fuel screen retainer up) in a padded vise or clamp.

2) Remove plastic from above the pump's fuel screen retention aluminum post; a Dremel - type grinding tool will work

3) Center punch the pump's aluminum post

4) Using a 5/32 drill bit, grind away the top of the aluminum post - a drill press with slow speed and steady pressure = accuracy is handy here. You can also accomplish this with an appropriately sized bit in the dremel-type tool.

5) Only the very top of the post needs to be relieved - upon reaching the stainless steel locking washer that has 3-tension "teeth".

6) One of the "teeth" needs to be rocked loose from the top of the aluminum post. After this 1 tooth is loosened, the locking washer tension is released, and the other 2 teeth can be then gently rocked loose up from the post and the fuel screen retainer can be removed.

7) Remove the old pump and replace with new pump

8) Carefully locate the fuel sock retainer back in place

9) Gently apply hand pressure down on the fuel sock retainer until the locking washer is embedded onto the aluminum post. An appropriate sized socket may help. Ensure that all 3-teeth of the locking washer are embedded in the aluminum post.

To understand the possible cause of your fuel pump failure, please read: Article: “Why Fuel Pumps Fail”

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