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Final Drive to Swing Arm Bearing Upgrade Kit BMW Airhead, K Bike ; 33 17 2 310 890, 33 17 2 311 091 / EI
33091/I,33 17 2 311 091,33172311091,K1 final drive bearing,K100 final drive bearing,K1100 final drive bearing,K1200 final drive bearing,R80 final drive bearing,R100 final drive bearing,R850 final drive bearing,R1100 final drive bearing,R1150final drive be
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Part # FDBearingKit890

Final Drive to Swing Arm Bearing and Bush upgrade Kit.

The bushes can be greased externally with removable grease nipples.

Bolt = M30P1.25, Stud & Nut = M20P1.5

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead, K Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW K1, K100, K1100, R80, R100
Model Years: 1986 - 1999
Manufacturer #: 33 17 2 310 890, 33 17 2 311 091

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab below to verify vehicle fitment )

Brand: Emerald Island
BMW List Price $283.19
EME Price $129.00
You save $154.19!


Application Table

Replace the wear and failure prone final drive pivot bearings with this well engineered bushing upgrade kit. No modifications required, this bolt on kit improves ease of maintenance with the integrated grease fittings to ensure durability and long life. Fits where the swingarm attaches to the final drive on Paralever models.

The bushes are made from hard anodized, aircraft grade aluminum alloy for strength, and include copper bushes for longevity.

Installation of this Bearing Kit

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