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Clutch Release & Removal Tool - BMW R Airhead 1970-1980 / EnDuraLast
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Part #: ClutchReleaseAH

Clutch Installation Tool for early Airhead models - make the release and installation of the Clutch simple and safe!

Sure it is three bolts, washers, and nuts. You can get them all locally at your hardware store, but it might be easier to just get the kit offered here!

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R45, R50/5, R60/5, R60/6, R60/7, R65GS, R75/5, R75/6, R75/7, R80, R80R, R100, R100T, R100RS, R100RT
Model Years: 1969 -

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

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Application Table
These bolts are used to make removal and installation of your clutch easier.

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