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Clutch Release Bearing & Piston, BMW Airhead (post 09/80), K Bike, Oilhead; 23 13 1 464 167 / EnDuraLast
31821,23 13 1 464 167,23131464167,K1  Clutch Release Bearing,K75  Clutch Release Bearing,K100  Clutch Release Bearing,K1100 Clutch Release Bearing,R45  Clutch Release Bearing,R65  Clutch Release Bearing,R80  Clutch Release Bearing,R100  Clutch Release Bea
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Part # ClutchBearing167

Clutch Release Bearing and Piston fits onto models that had a bushing on the original pushrod.

The combined sealed unit replaces the old "throwout" bearing (see Part No:
ClutchBearing020) and piston. Remove the bushing on your original pushrod or replace the pushrod.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW

Application: BMW Airhead, K Bike and Oilhead Models
Make/Model: BMW K1, K75, K100, K1100, R45, R65, R80, R100, R850, R1100
Model Years: 1976 - 2006
Manufacturer Part # :
23 13 1 464 167

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

BMW List Price $125.46
USD Price $76.66

Quantity in Stock:21


Application Table
When installing this part on your older clutch rod, there's a bushing that is not needed and must be removed. Otherwise, replace the clutch rod at the same time as it made for this new part.
Installation Tips - Courtesy Brook Reams

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