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Crankcase Breather Catch Can- BMW Airhead / EnDuraLast
Crankcase Breather Catch Can- BMW Airhead / EnDuraLast
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Part # Breather-Can

Oil Mist Collection Container complete with Oil Level Indicator and Vent.

Oil mist from the engine pressure relief valve is collected in this container under the starter cover, meaning that the oil mist does not have to be returned to the carburetor. The oil collection container fits directly on top of the gearbox without any modifications. Depending on the engine version and position of the pressure relief valve, the original breather hose can be connected to the container.

The connections for hose and filter are pre-assembled. If the direction of the screw connection is not exactly correct, the screw connection can be easily adjusted using a 17 mm wrench. Note that the thread is conical, so DO NOT unscrew it. The excess pressure is discharged via the filter. Oil residue and water will collect in the tank. The sight glass shows the level of the contents in the container. You should check the tank at regular intervals and dispose of the contents.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100
Model Years: 1970 - 1996

Brand : Manufactured in Germany for Euro MotoElectrics
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