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NGK Iridium Spark Plug w/ Resistor BMW Airhead, K Bike & Moto Guzzi; BPR6EIX
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Part # BPR6EIX

NGK Single Electrode Spark Plug (Resister)

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Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW, Moto Guzzi,
Make/Model: BMW Airhead, K Bike, Moto Guzzi & more
Manufacturer #: BPR6EIX
Power Rating: Heat Range 6 (9=Cold / 1=Hot)

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

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Part #: BPR6EIX

Application Table
NOTE: A plug with a low heat range number is a cold plug that quickly dissipates heat to the engine block and cooling system, while a high heat range is a hot plug that retains heat. By properly selecting the heat range of the plug, it ensures that the plug will operate between the plug’s designed operating range of 500-900 degrees Celsius. In this range, the spark plug will be self-cleaning, yet will not be hot enough to pre-ignite the air/fuel mixture

NGK 6637 BPR6EIX IX Iridium Plug
ITEM : # NGK6637
0.6mm Center Electrode
Enhanced Ignitability
Trivalent Metal Plating

Thread Size: 14mm
Thread Pitch: 1.25mm
Seat Type: Gasket
Resistor: Yes
Resistor Value: 5K Ohm
Reach: 19mm (3/4")
Hex Size: 13/16" (21mm)
Terminal Type: Removable Nut
Overall Height: JIS
Gap: .031" (0.8mm)

Center Electrode
Material: Iridium
Type: Fine Wire
Size: 0.6mm
Projection: Projected

Ground Electrode
Material: Nickel
Type: Standard
Shape: Taper Cut
Quantity: 1

Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft.
Brand: NGK
Heat Range: 6
Longevity: 40-50k

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