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Fault Indicator LED for use with ETX680 / EarthX
320A LiFePO4 Battery - BMW R & K,  61 21 2 346 800, 61 21 0 403 224 / EarthX
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Part #: BAT-FaultIndicator

To see if you have a battery fault, use this 5mm Amber LED light for your EarthX Battery. The 12V LED has a built in resistor and is compatibility with a 10-15V electrical system. The indicator works as follows:

  • No light - system is in good shape
  • Continuous light - there is an electronics problem
  • Intermittent light at 5s inetrvals - the battery voltahe is abnormal
  • Intermittent light at 2s intervals - the battery temperature is too high.

To install the indicator, connect the red wire to a positive bus connection and connect the black wire to fault monitoring wire (also black) that is located on the EarthX battery ETX680 (see attached photo). Note that there are more d
etailed installation directions in the Description section below:

Color: Amber
Mounting: Nut and Washer (included)
Termination style: Wire 20ga- 48″ length
Voltage: 12V
Built in resistor: 500 ohm, 1/2 Watt
Drill bit size: 0.325mm or 5/16″
Brand: Made in the USA!
USD Price $29.99

Quantity in Stock:5


Application Table
The positive wire (red wire) of the LED should be connected to the electrical bus (12volt positive), typically to a fuse/breaker downstream of the master switch. The negative of the LED (black wire) should be connected to the fault monitor wire (wire out the side of the battery) of the battery.

Step 1: Install the 12V LED light through a hole in your control panel.
Step 2: Cut the black wire to desired length so the LED’s black wire reaches the battery.
Step 3: Use a wire stripper to remove ¼” of the wire insulation so you can attach the “male” spade connector to the black wire. Crimp the male spade connector to black wire.
Step 4: Plug the male spade connector into the end of the pigtail wire from the battery.
Step 5: Connect the red wire to an electrical bus fuse/breaker (.25-1 AMP). May have to untwist wire and cut to length. Most of the time it is most convenient to connect to a fuse on the back side of the panel. If not, it could also be connected directly to the positive terminal of the battery with a ¼” ring lug connector.

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