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Valeo Starter - BMW Airhead 9-Tooth; 12 41 9 062 425 / Valeo
12 41 1 244 670, 12 41 1 062 425, 12411062425, 12411244670, 0 001 157 007, D6RA15, 0001157007. BMW Airhead starter, BMW r100 starter, BMW R75 starter, BMW R65 starter, BMW R50 starter, BMW R45 starter, bmw r80 starter motor, complete starter bmw airhead,
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Part #: BMW-VAL1

Original Equipment Starter for 1988-1995 models. Drive Gear with 9-Tooth Pinion for use with 111-Tooth Ring Gear. Retrofits BOSCH 9-tooth starter on 1977-1987 applications and upgrades anemic under-powered BOSCH starter.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW: R100, R90, R80, R75, R65, R50, R45, & Others
Model Years: 1977 to 1995
Manufacturer #: 12 41 1 244 670, 12 41 1 062 425
Power Rating: 1.2 Kw cranking torque @ 270 amps
Valeo # D6RA7, D6RA15

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab Below to verify vehicle fitment)

Note: Please verify which battery cable kit you require before adding the option.

Original Equipment : Manufactured in Europe

BMW List Price $363.20
USD Price $199.00

Quantity in Stock:22

Part #: BMW-VAL1

Application Table
  • The VALEO starter has 70% to 140% more cranking torque than a new Bosch starter with 20% less amperage draw. Your new VALEO starter will provide years of reliable service due to itís efficient modern technology and design producing the increased power rating. The key features are:

    • Magnet retention includes spring clips to ensure magnets do not become loose.
    • New technology provides lighter (6.5 pounds) starter motor with 70 % higher output than the old Bosch design.
    • More efficient high strength permanent magnets that replace conventional field coils, requiring less amperage to turn the starter over.This allows the battery to provide increased voltage and amperage to the ignition system resulting in faster rpm turnovers and quicker starts with less amp draw on the battery.
    • Will operate where other imitation conversion starters will not due to the Denso gear-reduction starter design having a large solenoid with sliding drive-gear assembly designed for automotive applications with large battery reserves.
    • Features a low-voltage solenoid "pull-in" requirement.
    • Permanent magnet style starter will also retrofit older Bosch field coil starters (0.7 Kw).
    • This starter is application-designed for small batteries.

    This aftermarket replacement starter is a quality product manufactured to Original Equipment Specifications. The VALEO warranty is for 24 months, with the repair or replacement of the returned unit.

    The Valeo starter is Serviceable with Service Repair Parts. We sell a complete range of original equipment VALEO components to maintain your starterís performance. We also carry new BOSCH starter maintenance and repair parts such as brushes, brush springs, bushings, solenoids, drives, field coils and armatures.

    The following table presents some IMPORTANT starter application information regarding the fitment and function of the starter system:

    Ensure you are installing the starter with the correct # of gear teeth on the starter drive to match the model year and ring gear installed on the engine. If the incorrect starter is installed it will damage the new starter and / or the ring gear !

    For applications 1970-1976 with 8-Tooth Drive Gear Pinion / 111-Tooth Ring Gear, refer to Part # BMW-VAL1M (Valeo) or BMW-STR1M (EnDuraLast)

    - BMW R Model 247 / Airhead

    1. Remove the old starter; If it is a Bosch starter you will NOT need the rear support bracket replaced for the EnDuraLast starter. (The Bosch starter weighs 10 pounds and the EnDuraLast starter weighs 6.5 pounds.)
    2. The Bosch starterís steel drive end bracket is not threaded and requires a bolt and nut combination for mounting.
    3. The EnDuraLast starterís aluminum drive end bracket is threaded; the original bolts can be used for the EnDuraLast starter mounting, however reversing the bolt entry (from the original) is required.
    4. When inserting the starter, do not insert it from the top of the engine, rather slide it in from behind the engine housing.
    5. After carefully tightening the bolts (do not over-tighten, this is aluminum), replacement of the original nuts on the opposite side is optional.

How To Bench Test Your Starter
Starter Motor Removal - Courtesy Brook Reams

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