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Euro Moto Electrics (EME) is your BMW Motorcycle parts source for all BMW models post 1970. We specialize in Charging, Ignition and Starter solutions supported by a full line of Brake, Clutch, Fuel, Filtration and Electrical products. We take great pride in our offerings and believe you will be thrilled with our world class customer service. Our expanding inventory of products ensures we have your parts when you need them most! Let us know if we can better serve your needs as YOU are the primary focus at EME.

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43mm Fuel Pump Kit - BMW R850, R1100, R1150 / EnDuraLast Digital Ignition System - BMW Airhead with EDL4 Alternator / EnDuraLast & Sachse
BMW List Price $641.67
EME Price $236.38
BUY NOW $199.00
You save $442.67!
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EME Kit Price $379.00
BUY NOW $345.00
You save $34.00!
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Part # FPK-231R Part # EDL-IGNS
Brake Rotor - Front and Rear - BMW R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100; 34 11 1 236 566 / Brembo Instrument Cluster R75/5 Airhead; 62 11 1 351 597, 62 11 1 353 677 / MotoMeter
BMW List Price $415.42
EME Price $256.00
BUY NOW $199.00
You save $216.42!
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EME Price $449.00
BUY NOW $399.00
You save $50.00!
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38507 34 11 1 236 566,34111236566,R60 brake rotor,R65 brake rotor,R75 brake rotor,R80 brake rotor,R90 brake rotor,R100 brake rotor,R60 front brake disc,R65 front brake disc,R75 front brake disc,R80 front brake disc,R90 front brake disc,R100 front brake d, 62 11 1 353 677,62111353677,62111351597, 62 11 1 351 597, /5, R75/5, BMW R Airhead, Speedometer, Tachometer, Instrument, Gauge, Moto Meter, Motometer
Part # BrakeRotor566 Part # Gauge75
Power Kit Extra upgrade to 1000cc - BMW R75, R90 Early Models 1969-1975/ Siebenrock Premium Quality Dual Tower Ignition Coil - BMW Airhead & Moto Guzzi; 3.0 Ohm; Primary Resistance / EnDuraLast
EME Price $1,199.99
BUY NOW $1,100.00
You save $99.99!
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Competitor Price $77.50
EME Price $69.00
You save $8.50!
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Part # PistonKit0072 Part # EDL-Coil3.0OHM