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Silver Spark Plug - BMW F & KTM640; XR2CS / BOSCH
BMW F Spark plugs; KTM 640 spark plugs; KTM Spark plugs; Enduro spark plugs; Supermoto spark plugs; NGK D8FA; NGK Spark plugs; BOSCH Spark plugs
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Part #: XR2CS

BOSCH Sliver Suppression Resistor Spark Plug with Single Ground Electrode. Thread reach 3/4 (0.75) inch. 12 mm Thread with 11/16 inch. hex. Replaces original heat range NGK D8EA.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW, KTM
Application: BMW F 1996-2005 (Most - not CS ), KTM 640 1999-2005
Make/Model: BMW, KTM: BMW Dakar, GS, ST (not CS), KTM 640 LC 4 Adv, Enduro, SuperMoto
Model Years: 1996 to 2005
Manufacturer #: ... 343 144
Heat Range: 2 (1=Cold / 9=Hot)
Original Equipment:

EME Price $6.99

Part #: XR2CS

Replaces original heat range NGK D8EA.

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