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Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit - BMW Airhead  / Siebenrock
R65GS oil cooler,R80GS oil cooler,R80G/S oil cooler,R80GS PD oil cooler,R80ST oil cooler,R100GS oil cooler,R100GS PD oil cooler,R100R oil cooler
Part #: OilCooler400

Oil Cooler Kit - this upgrade is worth fitting if you are installating a larger bore cylinder. to reduce engine temperature.

The light weight cooler is fitted to the center cross-member on the frame under the steering head. The kit includes the hoses, filter guide tube, oil filter, associated gaskets/seals, horn extention wiring and installation instructions.

Vehicle Manufacturer:
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R65GS, R80GS, R80G/S, R80GS PD, R80ST, R100GS, R100GS PD, R100R
Model Years: 1980 - 1996
Manufacturer #: Siebenrock 142400

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Brand :

EME Price $555.80

Quantity in Stock:2

Part #: OILCOOLER400

Application Table

  • Place an oil pan or something similar under your engine before dismantling the bike.
  • Drain the oil from the engine oil sump
  • Mount the bracket with the clamp for the oil cooler in the center of the frame corss-member using the two enclosed M8x20 bolts and M8 washers.
  • Pull the clamp though before tightening it and mount the oil cooler on the pre-assembled bracket with the hose connections poingts facing downwards.
  • Using the two M6x20 bolts and M6 attach the oil cooler ensuring that the off-centre mount is rotated and facing forwards
  • Remove the oil filter and catch any remaining oil.
  • Replace the guide tube in the middle with the tube supplied - using a high-strength thread locker.
  • Note that the guide tube must protrude the housing by 3mm.
  • Install the oil filter and mount the new oil cover.
  • When installing the paper gasket and oil seal refer to the sequence shown on the paper installation instructions - the paper gasket is optional.
  • Now the hoses can be installed, routing the longer hose to the left-hand side of the vehicle
  • Screw the two oil hoses directly onto the oil cooler from below and tighten firmly.
  • Install the the two banjo bolts on the oil cover and tighten between 17-20 Nm.
  • Now align the oil cooler and the tighten the clamp.
  • Ensure that teh hoses and cooler do not interfere with the freedom of movement of the mudguard.
  • Secure the two hoses with the enclosed cable ties to ensure there is no contact with the
  • Extend the horn wiring harness using the enclosed wire and heat shrink hose and connectors to mount the horn on the left side.
  • Insert oil and top-up the oil after a short warm-up period ensuring that the new system is filled.

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